Will Leonardo DiCaprio Save Online Poker?


According to the Hollywood Reporter Leonardo DiCaprio has been attached to an as of yet unnamed film being put together by Brian Koppelman and David Levien who wrote Rounders. Paramount Studios, Koppelman, Levien, and DiCaprio are all being tight-lipped about exactly what the film is about but have said that the film is set in the world of online poker.

I guess if they want to make the movie as realistic as possible DiCaprio will need to pack on about 150 lbs for the role and his wardrobe will consist of boxer shorts and t-shirts.

Seriously though, a film at this early stage isn’t going to see movie theaters for at least a year or two (or perhaps never) so it will probably be too late to help sway public opinion about the legality of online poker but it would be a marketing coup if it launched right around the time online poker was regulated and being offered to Americans. It could serve as the second Moneymaker-Effect and get the fishies pouring onto the virtual tables in droves.

2 thoughts on “Will Leonardo DiCaprio Save Online Poker?”

  1. I am thinking this will be more of a “Russ Hamilton: The AP/UB Years” story. Leo likes to grimace and stress a lot on camera these days so running from the mob in latin america is my bet for the plot.

  2. A movie about online poker? That would be interesting. I’m a fan of DiCaprio, he’s played some great roles over the last few years.

    I imagine if online poker gets banned in the US anytime soon, the movie might possibly be canceled. But if it does get released before doomsday, it could help save the online game!

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