Another Rigtard Email

I constantly get a stream of emails from rigtards. Some I post but 99% of the rest go in the trash. I don’t know why they feel the need to write to me. For instance, my Proof That Online Poker is Rigged parody posts has 250 comments. Here are some of the gems from that thread:

WHAT A MORON! Online poker is rigged and you try and make light of it using stupidity? What a baffoon

ur stupid and probably dont understand poker

you’re a faggot with way to much damn time

Bill Rini you suck big penis!

What makes me laugh even more than the angry people are the ones who can’t figure out that it’s a joke.

Excelent con, if anyone took the time to enlarge the original picture you will see that thos cards have been added in. The first give away is the different resolutions. Now whos trying to defraud people. Anyone with slight knowledge of Photoshop could add extra crdas in, and do a better job at that this idiot!!!

WOW!!! I DID THE SAME THING AND ZOOMED IN it looks like that imagine ware can edit to…there was no card in his sleve even if there was it wouldnt be able to be used and it proly would be hidden better…

You are a damn idiot. The CIA doesn’t sell any kind of software on ebaY, much less “classified” vector digital imaging software for $50. By the way, do you even know what that means? You would have had to take vector calculus with some advanced computer science courses to even begin to comprehend how that stuff works, and judging from your rambling, I would guess you struggled to graduate high school. Putting this bullshit in your story completely discredits anything you said.

The guy with the “the CIA doesn’t sell any kind of software on ebaY” had me laughing more than my original post. In fact, I’m laughing right now as I write this because I can’t believe someone is that thick.

Anyway, as I mentioned, a lot of the hate and insanity comes via my contact form. People feel compelled to email me and share their thoughts about online poker being rigged. I’m not sure why. Do they think they’re going to convince me? Here’s one I got the other day.

Thanks for the hand history program that was suppose to tell if poker was
rigged, Y.F.D. Since You work for one of the rigged sites(full tilt) It’s a scam
just like you!!! That site couldn’t deal a fair hand if it had real cards played
in every hand. It’s a fracken joke just like you. It’s set up for the fricken
donkies to win and the donks to make a profit off of it, just like you. Why it’s
not rigged take that advice to the dumb azz donkies that believe that a fen 37
will win most of the time over an A A and tell him to come see me in a live game
and ill take a 100 dollars a hand every time against his sht hand in a live deal
instead of the sht rigged full tilt stuff!!!! So Bill I think that you can take
your hand anlizer and put it somewhere the donkies hang out near your azz
because it’s bull sht that the best hand doesnt hold upthe greater percent of
the time on that stupid site(full Tilt) and in real life it holds up about 75%
of the time vers the fen donkie take your bs and put it where the sun don’t
shine!!! Thanks for the Bs hand generator it a joke like u. Thanks Scott

It appears that he found my site via the RT Hand Analyzer for Rigged Games which is another humor related post where I invite people to input their hand history and it will tell them if the hand looks suspicious. All it actually does is make them wait and then it tells them that they’re an idiot for thinking online poker is rigged. So I guess I can understand why he’s pissed off.

Still makes for a good laugh though. I love the raw anger and emotion they put into their responses. Many are very creative in their insults. I mean, “I think that you can take your hand anlizer and put it somewhere the donkies hang out near your azz” is just gold.

Good work, rigtards. Keep ’em coming. You guys make my day.

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.