Fanelli ‘Found to be Sane’

Just a quick update on Ron “The Mad Yank” Fanelli. After five months of psychiatric review in Surat Thani Fanelli is back in Phuket prison deemed to be sane. Fanelli requested the psychiatric examination after saying he was unsure of why he did what he did.

You can read more about that here:

Phuket Wan

I also wanted to thank everyone who contributed to Wanphen’s family. We have been dolling out the money to the family as needed. It’s still tough on them though. Thais generally go back to their hometowns on the holidays and so every holiday when I’ve transferred some of the money to her mother my girlfriend calls her to let her know and she talks about how this is the first New Year’s or the first Songkran that he daughter won’t be coming home and how much she misses her.

I thought I would round up some of my previous posts about this in case you’re coming in late and missed it.

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