Wakeup Call for UB/Absolute Players and Affiliates

A very interesting article in the St. Petersburg Times detailing some of what has gone on behind the scenes at Absolute and UB. Tales of frustrated investors and suspicions about why the company founders were living luxurious lifestyles while profits are declining.

It also should serve as a warning to players and affiliates that announcements made in public don’t always gel with what’s going on behind the scenes.

2 thoughts on “Wakeup Call for UB/Absolute Players and Affiliates”

  1. I read the St Pete Times article with interest since I’m semi-involved in the poker community and was slightly shocked that the UB cheating scandal involved some local people here in Tampa Bay. Indian tribes, dog tracks and internet cafes are all wanting a piece of the action but the possibility of illicit activity still surfaces occasionally.

    The possibility of government regulation protecting players against cheaters might be a welcome advancement to the online poker experience.

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