Full Tilt Payout Problems Exposed

Last week Todd Brunson tweeted that he had run into Howard Lederer in Las Vegas and that after telling him how short he was of cash Howard offered to pay him what he had locked up on Full Tilt.

He asked how much I had on tilt and I told him 150k.. He said come with me. We went to his car and he opened his trunk and paid me!!!!!!

He even tweeted a photo he grabbed of Lederer before the payout.

This got me to thinking. First off, what the hell was Lederer doing with $150,000 in the trunk of his car? Is he filming a new reality television show called “Carjack me”? What kind of theft deductible does Howard carry on his wheels? Then it hit me. Full Tilt has been shut down by nearly every bank in the world. This must be their “technical difficulties” that they’ve been referencing in their FTPDoug posts.

So, is this a brilliant PR move by Howard and Ray Bitar? Is Howard going to tour the US in his Audi A8 and hand out people’s bankrolls to them at prearranged restaurant parking lots across the country?

Sadly, a little investigation into this matter proves this too may be a “technical difficulty.” As you can see in the image below, it is highly unlikely that $150,000,000 (represented to scale) would fit in the trunk of most cars (even minus Todd’s $150K).

My sources have told me that the reason that Full Tilt asked for (and received) an adjournment at the Alderney hearing today was so Howard could rent a more appropriate vehicle for the cash dispersal. Unfortunately, Howard’s Full Tilt, Tiltware, Pocket Kings company credit card was declined at U-Haul and Ray is busy in Dublin trying to find a staff member who might be able to lend them a debit card.

Please stay tuned here for more information and dates for the “FTP W00t W00t, Come Get Your L00t” tour.



  1. Great Article! I think it is just terrible the way Full tilt has treated its customers. If you think the Alderny herrings need to be public email me at [email protected] with your story. I am trying to start an email campagne to force these hearings to stay public!
    I would really like to here your storys about how you got shafted by full tilt. I will fordward a complete list to Alderney Gaming, and whoever We have to get this moving!
    Also why no tv coverage of this in Canada and the Usa. 150 million is no chump change yet no press coverage really! If it was not for interent coverage you would not even know this was going on!

  2. Hello. I’m the mother of five, I’m not a pro, I’ve finished in second in the 750K on March 16. What are the odds of finding Lederer in The Holywood Casino parking lot? I hope for the good of this great country that american players get paid soon. By the way those guys owe me 45K.

  3. I lost 572 bucks to the Fulltilt boys — oh well I just wanta party with you at Jacks next winter and thats whats important. Hope your doin well in your new venture.

  4. I hope Lederer either packs or has 24/7 security; packing $150k in cash is insane. I wouldn’t carry 150k in cash if I had Chuck Norris as a bodyguard….

    That said, if he wants to stop by Kentucky and drop off my $95 or so, I’d even buy him a 49 cent cone at McDonalds. 🙂

  5. I think a smaller Zip car might fit what cash FTP might have for US players. Thanks for the laughs. Comic relief is needed.

  6. Why do I feel you enjoyed that post too much? 😉

    For the other side…

    Howard was just helping out a friend. And it bit him in the ass. Of course many might wish the chunk was taken from the other side.

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