Daniel Negreanu Speaks Out on Full Tilt

Great video . . . unless your last name is Bitar, Ferguson, or Lederer. Daniel Negreanu comes out with both guns blazing as he takes Full Tilt executives and owners to task for their continued silence on the issue of the downfall of the online poker site and when players will ever see any cash.

I have to agree. A simple, “We’re sorry,” or some sort of message showing any amount of sympathy with the players who have hundreds of millions of dollars locked up on Full Tilt would go a long way. It also doesn’t help their reputation when they all claim they can’t speak due to pending legal issues but they have no problem taking the offensive when Ivey sues them or the DOJ calls them a Ponzi scheme. Then, they can say whatever they want. But when the topic is coming clean on what happened to people’s money . . . crickets.


  1. Thanks Daniel for saying what needs be said. I remember reading apologetic blogs way back saying that online poker cheating wasn’t happening because online poker would suffer. Wellllll….that proved to be wrong. After reading through some posts on this site I still see that sentiment although tempered by (finally) recognizing that there are bots and scams out there but still minimizing their effect on the game. Which leads me to believe there are two types of poker players. Those that love the game and those who see the game as just another way to make money and the faster the better. That’s not to say that the former folks aren’t wanting to make money, but they respect the game enough to do it by skill and the latter believe cheating is just another facet to be used to gain their ends. It’s this latter group that will kill the golden goose and therefore I think Daniels response is entirely right on the money! So until there is regulation with sharp and very active teeth, for me the online sites are for freerolls and very, very low, low limits.

  2. You really think its “great” to call Daniel Neagreanu a pussy? Who the fk are you?? Oh that’s right… NOBODY!

    … great video Daniel.

  3. Yeah I am leaning more toward venting myself, but I gotta say I am and always will be a Negreanu fan — On the other hand, I hope that Full Tilt under new ownership can regain trust and a large following as they once had. Good Luck with that though I am thinking, We’ll just have to stick to our alternative US Friendly sites for the time being until everything gets sorted though which I hope is sooner than later.

  4. I view it more as venting. Blowing off some steam.

    On the other hand, people have been killed over far less money. To ignore that this emotion exists out there in the poker community is foolish, at best.

  5. You really think it’s “great”? Saying “boo, I hate full tilt and hope somebody else hurts those guys” seems cheap and pedantic to me. And kinda makes you a pussy if you’re not willing to do the acts yourself.

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