Ron “Mad Yank” Fanelli Gets 10 Years, 3 Months

I’m not sure how I missed this in the Thai press but it appears that Ron “Mad Yank” Fanelli has received a 10 year, 3 month sentence for the murder of Wanphen Pienjai. PHUKET: Ronald Fanelli, the former US Navy officer who was convicted this week of murdering a Phuket bar hostess and sentenced to …

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Shark Diving


Last night I did an interview for the Poker Affiliate Listings radio/podcast show and Jeremy mentioned my list of travels. Well, coincidentally I’ve been going through a bunch of old videos and such and ran across some stuff that I thought I would share for those of you who enjoy some of the non-poker content …

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Phi Phi Island

Just to break things up a bit from the Full Tilt suspension news, here’s what I was doing a few hours before the news broke.