Happy Songkran

If people had been wondering where I was all last week, I was up in Phetchabun for the Songkran festival. Songkran is a religious holiday but over the years it has sort of developed into a three-day nationwide water fight. I prefer the Phetchabun type of Songkran because it’s civilized. In Bangkok, Pattaya, or any … Read more

Fanelli ‘Found to be Sane’

Just a quick update on Ron “The Mad Yank” Fanelli. After five months of psychiatric review in Surat Thani Fanelli is back in Phuket prison deemed to be sane. Fanelli requested the psychiatric examination after saying he was unsure of why he did what he did. You can read more about that here: Phuket Wan … Read more

Holidays Overseas

My dad just sent me an email asking if I was doing anything special for Christmas. I was just thinking about this topic the other day and had been considering writing about spending holidays overseas so I told my dad I would go ahead and write the blog post as I think it might be … Read more