A Peek Behind PokerTracker 4 With Tarix

Back in a previous life I used to teach scuba diving as a hobby. That’s where I met tarix. He was a video game software engineer and I was managing a software development team at eToys. [...]

Howard Lederer 2p2 PokerCast

I finished up listening to the Howard Lederer 2p2 PokerCast with Mike and Adam last night. Another, somewhat painful, three hours of Howard rehashing the rise and fall of Full Tilt Poker. I say painful because [...]

The Lederer Files Parts 5, 6, and 7

Just got done watching parts 5, 6, and 7 and it’s just more of Howard seeming a bit out of touch. Howard laments the fact that people didn’t seem to be working towards resolution and people [...]

A Review of The Lederer Files (Parts I – IV) and Andy Bloch Interview

I’ve watched the first four episodes of the Howard Lederer interviews multiple times since they were released. I’ve read and re-read Andy Bloch’s interview with Diamond Flush. I’ve begun to write a post about both several [...]

The Fallout From The Full Tilt / PokerStars Pullout

I said I was going to cover what this all means on a few topics when I got home and as I start to write this it’s 6:07am and I’ve just spent a sleepless night on [...]

Ron Fanelli – Should We Feel Sorry For Him?

There’s been a story that’s been flying under the radar recently that Dr. Pauly wrote about and while I respect his views I think there is a different angle to this that many people in the [...]

Is Online Poker Really Doing Well?

Nearly every week I read Poker Scout’s industry analysis and they triumph more and more growth. This month was better than last month and year over year the industry is growing at an amazing pace . [...]

Why Affiliates Will Always Trump Online Poker Rooms

Before I got into the online poker industry I was always amazed at how much money poker rooms threw at affiliates. I thought they were stupid because most of the sites that were promoting them would [...]

The Online Poker Industry’s Love Hate Relationship With Rakeback

Exclusive Report Learn how you could make a living playing poker. There’s probably no single topic that divides the online poker industry more than rakeback .  Seriously, in many companies rakeback is a dirty [...]

Five Ways to Improve Your Poker and Crush the Competition

A lot of people ask me what the best way to improve their poker game is and for many of them it would be if they quit playing poker.  But there’s another group of people who [...]

Crazy Rigtards

Because of my Online Poker is Rigged parody post as well as the many posts I’ve done on why online poker is not rigged I get a lot of heat from rigtards.  Rigtard is a name [...]

The Definitive Guide to Online Poker Cheating

With all of the recent scandals involving online poker cheating I thought I would take a few paragraphs to describe all of the various ways people can cheat at online poker. A definitive guide to online [...]

5 Hottest Female Poker Players You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Cecilia Nordenstam Not very well known in the US but she’s been very successful in Europe. In 1995 she had 5th and 13th place finishes in the Five Star World Poker Tour Classic. She also seems [...]

10 Best Party Poker Screen Names

Some funny screen names I ran across on PartyPoker. This is one of my all-time favorites! Bravo, sir. This guy has the same idea but I think the ass sex part really puts the previous one [...]

10 Best Full Tilt Poker Screen Names

Here’s the ten best Full Tilt Poker screen names I ran across recently. The Play Money Pro also lives in a play house drives a play car and has a play wife. I’m still trying to [...]