2010’s Most Popular on Bill’s Poker Blog

Like last year, I thought I would run down some of the most popular blog posts on Bill’s Poker Blog.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

The Future of Online Poker
SEGA Poker Room Launches
Ron Fanelli – Should We Feel Sorry For Him?
The Sky is Falling for Affiliates
Gambling Industry Writes Harry Reid’s Online Gambling Bill
Not All Online Poker Traffic is Created Equal
Play Money Players Are Free to Officially Hate Me
Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker – What Impact Will It Have on Poker?
This time I made someone else at the poker table cry – Where are all the women in poker? by Robyn G
Worst Affiliate Manager Award

Most Popular Blog Posts Ever

Proof That Online Poker Is Rigged!
PokerBot Pro – Another Online Scam
10 Best Full Tilt Poker Screen Names
5 Hottest Female Poker Players You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
Is Online Poker Rigged?
Why Online Poker Is Not Rigged
10 Best Party Poker Screen Names
The Definitive Guide to Online Poker Cheating
RT Hand Analyzer for Rigged Poker Games
The Future of Online Poker

I think the “All Time” stats are interesting because when I think back about some of those posts, I almost didn’t write them. I thought the idea about screen names was interesting but I almost canned the idea. Same thing goes with the 5 Hottest Female Players post. Digging up obscure female poker players was a huge pain in the ass and I almost scrapped the idea before I came up with 5.

And 7 of the 10 “All Time” posts were the same as last year. The traffic just keeps coming and coming to those posts.