Where You Been??

One of my favorite things is to travel. I absolutely love it. So I’ve set aside a special page just to keep track of where I’ve been.

Grand Canyon, AZ (Jan 2015)
Route 66, AZ (Jan 2015)
Paso Robles, CA (Dec 2014)
San Luis Obispo, CA (Dec 2014)
San Francisco, CA (Dec 2014)
Philadelphia, PA, Hoboken NJ, NYC, NY (Dec 2014)
Maui, Hawaii (Nov 2014)
Bryce Canyon / Zion National Park, UT (Oct 2014)
Tel Aviv, Israel (May 2014)
Tel Aviv, Israel (Jan 2014)
Atlantic City, NJ (Jan 2014)
Grand Canyon, AZ (Dec 2013)
Atlantic City, NJ (Nov 2013)
Tel Aviv, Israel (Oct 2013)
Phetchabun, Thailand (Apr 2013)
Bangkok, Thailand (Apr 2013)
Toronto, Canada (Apr 2013)
San Diego, CA (Sep 2012)
Catalina Island, CA (Aug 2012)
Panama City Beach, FL (May 2012)
Mountain High, CA (Mar 2012)
Las Vegas, NV (Dec 2011)
Phetchabun, Thailand (Nov 2011)
Bangkok, Thailand (Nov 2011)
Phuket and Phi Phi Island, Thailand (June 2011)
Phetchabun, Thailand (April 2011)
Hua Hin, Thailand (Feb, 2011)
Vientine, Laos (November 2010)
Ayutthaya, Thailand (October 2010)
Phetchabun, Thailand (August 2010)
Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (August 2010)
Hua Hin, Thailand (May 2010)
Phetchabun, Thailand (April 2010)
Macau (Aug 2009)
Hong Kong (Aug 2009)
Pattaya, Thailand (July 2009)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia (June 2009)
Bangkok, Thailand (May 2009)
Amsterdam, Holland (May 2009)
Estoril, Portugal (Feb 2009)
London, UK (Jan 2009)
Stockholm, Sweden (Jan 2009)
Malta (Jan 2009)
Chiang Mai, Thailand (Dec 2008 – Jan 2009)
Bangkok, Thailand (Nov 2008 – Jan 2009)
Los Angeles (Nov 2008)
Malta (Aug 2008)
Bangkok, Thailand (May 2008)
Amsterdam, Holland (April 2008)
Lagos, Portugal (April 2008)
London, UK (Feb 2008)
Bangkok, Thailand (Jan 2008)
Phuket, Thailand (Dec 2007)
Bangkok, Thailand (Dec 2007)
Hyderabad, India (Dec 2007)
Frankfurt, Germany (Dec 2007)
Hamburg, Germany (Nov 2007)
London, UK (Oct 2007)
BKK – Sept 2007
India – Sept 2007
London – July 2007
Madrid, Spain – June 2007
Weekend in Seville – Spain May 2007
Thailand Trip Report – Bangkok and Phuket April 2007
Semana Santa La Linea, Spain April 2007
Bull Fights in Spain San Roque, Spain March 2007
London and India Part I Hyderabad, India Nov 2006
India Part II Hyderabad, India Nov 2006
Panama City Beach, FL Sept 2006
A Few Days in Stamford Stamford, CT and NYC, NY Aug 2006
Las Vegas, Aug 2006
WSOP Las Vegas Trip Report Las Vegas, NV July 2006
A Photo Journal of My Ireland Trip Dublin, Ireland June 2006
Bad Flights, Euro-Snobs, and Dublin Dublin, Ireland June 2006
Las Vegas, NV June 2006
Vegas Wrap Up Las Vegas, NV May 2006
Bachelor Party at MGM Las Vegas, NV May 2006
UK and Amsterdam
Cambridge University, UK and Amsterdam, Holland Aug 2005
Las Vegas, NV June 2005
Orlando, FL 2005
Washington DC, 2005
Portland, OR March 2005
NYC, NY Feb 2005
Madrid, Spain Jan 2005
Las Vegas, NV Dec 2004
New Orleans, LA Nov 2004
Washington, DC May 2004
Bangkok, Thailand April 2004
Diving Monterey Monterey, CA. March 2004
Thailand Phuket, Thailand May 2003
Monterey, Ca. Sept 2002
Cozumel, Mexico Aug 2002
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2002
Cozumel: Hacienda San Miguel and Deep Blue Cozumel, Mexico Nov 2001
London, UK 2001
Grand Cayman July 2000
Bahamas July 2000
Maui, Hawaii 1999
Munich, Germany 1999
London, UK 1999
Maui, Hawaii 1998
Paris, France 1998
Rome, Italy 1998
NYC, NY 1998

I know I’ve left out a lot of trips that I didn’t write trip reports for but I’ll try to plug the holes in later. Also worth a mention is my travels while in the US Army from 1987 – 1990.

Wiesbaden, Germany (stationed in Wiesbaden)
Germany (all over)
Nijmegen, Holland
Venice, Italy
Paris, France
Crete, Greece
Athens, Greece
Madrid, Spain
Iraklion, Turkey
El Paso, TX
San Antonio, TX