Time Machine July

Yes, a little late but here’s all of the Bill’s Poker Blog goodness from July’s past.

July 2009

PlayTech Wants Players to Fund New Player Acquisition
Stop “Protecting” Your Hands by Greg Walker
Biting Your Tongue
When is Journalism Not Journalism
Is Facebook Poker Gambling?
Even Play Money Poker Is Rigged!
The Week That Was July 21 – 26
Money Making Tip: Don’t Play Poker at the Grand Diamond Casino in Poipet
A Taste of Thailand July 25, 2009
How Poker Promotions Work
Posting Comments on Bill’s Poker Blog
Better WSOP Coverage, Please!
Shut up you dirty hippy
Quick Bits
Any Liverpool Fans in the House?
The Week That Was July 14 – July 20
Photos From Pattaya
Will bwin Buy The World Poker Tour?
The Week That Was July 6 – July 13
Ongame’s New P5 Engine Not Well Received
Pain for Full Tilt Players Caused by Software Update
Drawing to a Pair
Poker Affiliate University
Learning Thai and Doing What I Was Hoping Never to Do
eGaming Review Aug Edition
888 and Party Gaming Agree With Me on Legalized Gaming in the US
Karim Wilkins Speaks Out on Mr. Marcus’ Comments
Foot, Meet Mouth. Mouth, Meet Foot. – Or Mr. Marcus Backpeddles
William Hill Sounds Off On Rakeback
The Week That Was June 29 – July 6
Slow News Day at Bluff
Blast From The Past: Best “Heard at the Table” Posts
Understatement is an Understatement
5 Great Ways To Increase Your Rakeback Profits

July 2008

Calvin Ayre Travel Guide
Smoke A Joint And Play Hold’em With Barney Frank
Bodog Gets Nicked For $24 Million By The DOJ
Online Poker Industry Report July 30, 2008
When Bad Things Happen to Bad People
Tokwiro Releases UB Cheating Scandal Statement
Online Poker Is Not A Crime
Kanhawake Gaming Commission Reads Bill’s Poker Blog
Be Careful What You Wish For
Google’s NoFollow Tag is a Joke
KGC Needs to do the Right Thing
Sometimes You Can’t Explain Why They Do It
Online Poker Industry Report July 23, 2008
Becoming a Winning Poker Player
Online Poker Industry Report July 15, 2008
More About Why PokerNews is Mad
Tiffany Michelle Interview
PokerNews Gets Their Panties All in a Bunch
How Small Poker Mistakes Add Up to Big Losses
Ultimate Bet Scandal Continues
The World Series of Poker Bores Me
Become the King of Bluff
Can Bots Be The Path To Legalized Online Poker?
Send In Your Player Notes
Online Poker Industry Report July 7, 2008
Are Poker Blogs Futile?
Who Ate My Page Rank?
Cool Video
Online Poker Industry Report July 1, 2008

July 2007

Books I Want To Write
In case you missed it . . .
Gutshot Poker Club
Pushing Buttons
HellKat Poker
If you can’t say anything nice . . .
ZOMG Web Crash 2007
Dear Piece Of Trash
When Bad Things Happen To Bad People
Best Poker Article In A Long Time
Ten Poker Books I Would Like To See
WSOP and Sex Workers
Other Neteller Founder Pleads Guilty
It’s July 10th. Do you know where your anti-gaming regulations are?
Street Smart Travel Part III: At your destination
For My Friends in Dublin
Street Smart Travel Part II: At the airport
UltimateBet = UltimateFraud?
Here’s A Job You’ll Never See On Monster.com
Street Smart Travel Part I: Planning Your Trip
WSEX Goes From No Rake to 25% Rake
Casino Gambling Web Hits Back
Poker Solves Crimes

July 2006

This One’s For You F-Train: Liz Lieu
I’m Famous!
WSOP Las Vegas Trip Report
Go Check Out Ryan’s Blog
Today in Poker
Senator open to TV chat about Internet “tubes”
Today in Poker
Here’s the answer to the ONE question everyone have been asking!!!
Gus Hansen Joins Team Full Tilt!
Today in Poker
Today in Poker
Tuff_Fish Takes a Bad Beat At the WSOP
Today in Poker
Today in Poker
Carnival of Poker 07.20.06
Sharp As SuperBall
Today in Poker
Today in Poker
Why Online Gambling Should Be Made Illegal
The Wrong Approach Can Lead to the Wrong Answer: Poker is Anything But Easy Money
Online Casinos: Hey Congress, Thanks!
Today in Poker
PokerBot Pro – The Scam Continues
John Gollehon Gets Cranky
Letter From the Poker Player’s Alliance Regarding H.R. 4411
Carnival of Poker Reminder
More Liz Lieu Photos
Lessons From Michael Craig
Max Pescatori Wins WSOP Gold
The 2006 WPBT Summer Classic II
Unsafe Poker Rooms Part Deux
Would You Walk 1800 Miles to Play One Hand of Black Jack?
Unsafe Poker Rooms
WPBT Fantasy League: Rini Comes Out Strong in 2nd Place!
A Photo Journal of My Ireland Trip
Rafe “WSOP Winner” Furst
Analyzing tuff_fish’s Game

July 2005

More Hammer Photos
The Big Announcement
Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow
Hotel Rini
Be Funny, Dammit!
So It’s Come To This?
What To Do With Those $1 Bills
Day 3 of Empire/Party Disconnects
Here’s a fun question of the day for you
Two New Hammer Photos
Thanks Empire!
The Ego Has Been Stroked
Introducing PokerFilter.net
Only 8% of Online Poker Players Make Money
Now My Life is Complete
How Good of a Poker Player Are You?
Top 10 Things That Would Change if Doyle Takes Over the WPT
Charlie Tuttle Results
2006 WSOP – The Year of the Blogger
Phil Gordon’s Final Table Poker
Orlando Kinda Sucked
A Little Experiment
A Response to BG and OddJack
Charlie Tuttle Charity Tournament
Advice on Posting to Online Forums
Poker 404 Error Pages
The Hammer Photo Challenge Inspiration
Donkey Fest a.k.a My Vegas Trip Report
WPBT in December
Goof Puts Man in Major Poker Tourney
Now With Easier Commenting
Cutting Back

July 2004

Sixty Day Challenge Ends On Day 34
The Tournament Streak Continues
WPT Here I Come!
Legends of Poker @ The Bike
Sixty Day Challenge Days 21 – 27
Pre-Book Review
Poker With Dick Cheney
Sixty Day Challenge Days 14 – 20
Do you think you’re improving?
Sixty Day Challenge Days 8 – 13
I’m Famous
Sixty Day Challenge Days 4 – 7
Get Your Customized Signatures
Sixty Day Challenge Day 3

Bill Rini
Bill Rini is currently the Head of Online Poker for WSOP. He has been working in the online poker industry since 2004 and has held management roles at Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

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